Park. Life.

All my pictures this week are of our children enjoying some of the green spaces of Istanbul. In this over-crowded city these places are essential for the well-being of the millions of people who live here. Today Anton and Neve were completely and simply happy surrounded by the abundant trees in Yıldız Park. Now just past midnight I am watching live images of the growing protest playing out in streets fifteen minutes walk away and spreading throughout Turkey. The footage is punctuated by the incessant pop of tear gas cartridges. Streets I have grown to love are serving as a battleground.

It began with opposition to the destruction of Gezi Park, one of Istanbul's desperately needed green areas, in order to build a shopping mall. I have used this park on many occasions when the kids needed to stretch and run in the heart of the city. It's not Istanbul's prettiest park, nor very big, but being next to Taksim Square it provides a retreat from the intensity and crowds. Obviously the protesters have greater grievances against the government than the threatened removal of the chance to breathe under the trees of a particular park.  This is about breathing freely in all aspects of life. Among many hopes my first is that there are not too many casualties during the night.







all the stickers are gone mum








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4 thoughts on “Park. Life.

  1. so many beautiful photos of Anton this week. He obviously loves being outside and in nature. He looks so happy. And I can't quite believe how big Neve is getting!!! And that is the cutest little squirrel ever. I hope all calms down in the streets very soon and you get to keep the green space that is obviously loved by many.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous- you really capture the kids in wonder at the world, I love it. Such beautiful children.

  3. Anonymous13:47

    So lovely to see your kids enjoying the green side of the city. Love the sunlight on Neve wearing the pretty yellow dress. Sorry to hear of the anarchy in the street. Hoping you are and the children and family are kept safe.

  4. Lovely photos as always Julia.

    Not sure how accurate the reports we're getting are of what is happening there, but stay safe. Can you follow me on Twitter @enduringdelight so that I can DM you if I get worried ;)

    Rach xx


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