Salt Garden.

This has been a big old week for me: I turned 40 and (thanks to a lot of dear people clubbing together) my birthday present was a Canon 5D Mark ii!!!! I am still in shock at owning such a thing and probably won't begin to take it in until it arrives from England with my Mum (woooohoooo!! She's coming for a visit!!) in a few weeks time. I am feeling very excited about the learning curve I am about to embark on.

This week's pictures were taken while Neve waited to go out on a windy day, and on a trip to Taksim and down Istiklal Street to Salt Beyoğlu. This art gallery is essential knowledge for Istanbul parents because in the basement it boasts some of the best and most accessible baby-changing facilities in town, and on the roof there is a garden perfect for chilled out nursing. On this visit we had our friend Ping with us to entertain Anton with origami, and Neve chose this setting for the first time she stood long enough for a picture. Then, of course, there are this weeks vapur pictures. I will never get enough of the shifts of light through the big boat windows lighting up the precious features of our kids.

windy day watching

taksim square

taksim square

taksim square

salt beyoğlu

salt garden

neve standing


vapur times


anton's eyes

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10 thoughts on “Salt Garden.

  1. Julia. One word. Stunning!!!!

    (Oh and how lucky are you to be getting a new baby? My DSLR is so old that it takes a compact flash card not even an SD and I am sooo lusting after a new one.)


  2. Happy birthday and I can't wait to see your pictures with your new baby! They're already so beautiful I can't imagine how perfect they'll be!

  3. happy birthday!!! and wow, what a lovely gift - cant wait to see pics on the new camera! enjoy your mums visit too. as always, what a stunning collection of interesting photos... im learning so much from your blog :) the light in your photos is so gentle and soft - love the red top/from behind shot... its just so gorgeous!

  4. Happy Birthday lovely Julia! Wowzers! A fancy new camera is coming your way. I can't wait to see what you do with your new equipment :) You are already capturing such stunning moments with your current camera, I can only imagine the kind of lovely images you will be producing over the coming months. I am so excited for you!
    Love the images from you this week. The first one is so beautiful- the focus on Neve's eyes and the contracting light coming in from the blinds, makes for one magical shot.
    I also love the one of Anton and neve together on the pebbles.

  5. I'm jealous of your new camera! What lenses do you use most of the time? I'm always stalking new lenses, too ;)
    Love the second from the bottom, and the way your b&w photos are always so rich and beautiful.

  6. Happy birthday Julia! I know you will put your amazing gift good use! Can't wait to see the photos you take with it.

  7. Thanks so much all of you! It felt great to spot all your greetings this morning. I actually can't believe I will soon be using such a nice camera. Erin: I have only ever used the kit lens that came with the Canon 350D my Dad has been loaning me the past couple of years. It will be a while till I can buy a really nice lens for my kickass camera. Reckon I am going to have to appeal to the DD ladies for advice about a reasonable and affordable lens in the meantime. I am feeling a bit daunted! It's by far the most expensive thing we own!! Thanks so much for all your kind words and encouraging feedback. I love to see how far we have all come. xxxxx

  8. Julia re lenses my photography knowledge is fairly limited, but I do love a prime (fixed focal length) lens.xx

  9. So many fantastic photos, Julia!! Really, I have seen so much growth in you in just the last couple of months. I truly can't wait to see what you do with your new camera. I LOVE that 4th photo down. I really love 6 and 7 too. Another favorite is the 2nd from the moody and dramatic! (what I like about all of your photos, esp the b/w).

  10. Anonymous15:59

    Happy birthday Julia! I'm dying of jealousy - I'd love to hear how you find it! Totally in love with the first photo - I love how you play with light and shadow :-)


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