Art armour.

The Artist.


Orange thumb.

Stick-on jewel princess.


Anton's favourite thing.

Decorating fairy cakes.

Anton ate them plain!

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7 thoughts on “Saturday.

  1. Painting and crafts and making cupcakes sounds like an awesome way to spend the day! Now I want to have a crafts + cupcakes day. Love all the colors!

  2. Neve has beautiful blue eyes!! I really love that you do arts and crafts and baking with them.

  3. You know you've got pretty eyes when they completely outshine a diamonte bindi :)

  4. Lol at Tarnya's comment...SO true, she is a gorgeous little pumpkin! Great set of bright and fun photos, looks like time well spent :)

  5. Ditto what Tarnya said! Her eyes look like you in those photos. I saw the cupcakes on Flickr before I came here, and I really really really want one. The lopsided green one near the bottom left, actually.

  6. Looooove that 6th photo down of Neve. You captured her eyes perfectly. (I miss the days when I could get Silas to look directly at the camera. Now he is too busy trying to touch my lens and play tricks on me.) I love all the bright colors too! What a fun day you all must of had.

  7. Neve with the gem on her forehead - so freaking adorable! He captured her eyes beautifully :)


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