Up on the Roof.

I find that I am struggling to write about our day to day because this was, for someone I like very much, the very saddest of weeks. It was the week of Baby Alma's ascension beyond the reach of her family's loving arms after only two weeks of life.

We are very lucky that our week contained these moments.....a photo shoot on the roof in which Neve did her bit as assistant stylist. Hours of happiness thanks to a cardboard box. Fun with CCTV (and as close as I have got to a self-portrait in a while) on the way to kindergarten, and Anton's happiness to be on his way home. Here is Matti having done his first days in a new yeargroup and Neve grinning just because.

Make-up artist Gypsy Shears having a cuppa.

Neve looking at the pretty girl.

On our roof.

Stunning Sabrina.

Sabrina on our roof.

Neve bringing Sabrina her shoes.

Up on the roof.

Down in Galata.

Istanbul sunset.

In her box.








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7 thoughts on “Up on the Roof.

  1. More gorgeous photos! Love the one of Neve holding the shoes, but she looks soooo grown up. Really love the one of her in the box too.

    And the photo of the leaves is amazing! The texture and processing is so great I almost thought it was cloth.

  2. Your photo shoot is just lovely! A very pretty gal! And the kids are as darling as ever. I esp. like the Neve peaking out of the box too.

  3. gorgeous photos Julia. sorry it was a hard week, hope you are doing a little better this week xx

  4. Julia, you are a beautiful person, photographer, and artist. I love your heart. Even though we have never met, I can tell we would get along just grand.

  5. Wow Julia, your photos with your new camera are simply sensational! The roof-top photo shoot - just wow. What a beautiful model and your captures are so original and striking. Neve in the box - LOVE! I am so sorry to hear about your sad week. I hope that this week is much brighter. x

  6. Gorgeous photos.
    I am so sorry to hear of your sad news though :(

  7. Really is very sad, sorry to hear this.. Gorgeous photos as always, and I hope a brighter week ahead: )


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