It has been a big couple of weeks for us all: Anton's birthday, Ruskin returning to England for the start of term and Anton starting kindergarten. Anton has now done four days at 'school' while I sit in the office there in case he needs me. Anton has managed very well, I less so! But today as all the kids were up early and bouncy, and the light on the Bosphorus shimmering gold I gave up on the routine (yes I know I should try harder!) and we all went to run around on our nearest patch of Green. The closest patch of grass to us is at Tophane where there is a mosque, hamam and a particularly beautiful fountain. Breakfast was a picnic of poğaça fresh from the baker's oven. We played energetically, but not too loudly, so as not to wake those that use it as a place to sleep. By half past nine we were all ready for an ice-cream.

And ummm yes, it was me who cut Anton's hair!

Fun at breakfast.

Her heart bubbles over!

Galata Tower from the Miniatürk train.

From our window at 7 am.

Breakfast at Tophane.

Picnic breakfast.

Rising sun.

Shiny treasures.

My turn.


The chase.

I found a leaf.

Big leaf.


Fountain fun.

Tophane fountain.


Anton and Neve.

Orange dress.

Morning sun.

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6 thoughts on “Fountain.

  1. Julia, I think it is a good thing that that you are a very fine photographer because, my friend, a fine hairdresser you are not! But as my dad always said there is only a week between a bad haircut and a good one, so I wait in eager anticipation of next weeks' pictures ;)

    PS Loving all the lens flare/backlight/warm fuzzy goodness ;)

  2. You made me smile a lot. As he hates going to the hairdresser (and I can't bear doing the shave it all off thing again) I have to rely on time being a fixer of even the worst haircut. Thankfully your Dad is right. Luckily, as you may have guessed, I would rather be a photographer than a hairdresser. I was hoping the warm fuzzy goodness would kind of gloss over my scissor marks but it seems that it is just too soon for that. :-)

  3. Also loving the warm fuzzy goodness. We cut Arlo's hair at home too - far from an amazing job, but cheaper and easier than going to a salon. Plus, aren't bad haircuts a childhood right of passage? ; )

  4. The final photo is asking for a frame. Routine, schmootine. Love and light dear friend, both of which you're in charge of - in every possible interpretable way.

  5. Julia I can't chose a favourite from these. They are all absolutely beautiful, but then your photos of your kids are always my personal favourites. Sounds like a truly wonderful morning and one we would have loved to indulge in with you.

    Also as an aside Neve's dress is stunning. Love it.

  6. Love that last photo! This sounds like a wonderful morning. I'm struck by how big your baby girl is now. My hair cuts turn out very similar.


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