The Reunion

At the end of our month in Scandinavia we travelled to Sweden to meet up with relatives from Ville's Dad's side of the family. We took an overnight boat from Finland to Sweden, and I was delighted to finally get a look at some of the hundreds of islands in the Archipelago. We only had a couple of hours in Stockholm before getting a train south and I was really happy to fit in an exhibition of Helmut Newton's kick-arse photography at Fotografiska, which I haven't stopped thinking about.

Ville's family is fantastic in so many ways and one of the best things is that somehow all the kids have a cousin of a similar age. It was perfect to watch the pairs playing together. This reunion was also made really special for me because I got to see some of the photographs taken by Faffa's eldest sister's ex-husband who is a great photographer. It was extraordinary to see the lives of the family through the years through such a beautiful eye, and it really spurred me on to keep capturing. The last few pictures were taken in Lund where we stayed a night on our journey home.

Anton in the Finnish countryside.

The boat to Sweden.


So beautiful.

Little fruit-picker.


Watching the big girls.


Party dresses.

Fruit of the land.




Leaning in.







Photo album.







Big sister.


Little cousin.


A quick feed, Lund.


Botanical garden, Lund.


Picking stars.

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7 thoughts on “The Reunion

  1. AWESOME! This family seems to be pretty phenomenal! You captured this time so well I have no words. The children are so beautiful and I love the pics showing them play.

    Anton and Neve are so similar like my babies are... this is too cute I think! I love the first one of Anton... oh my how handsome is he? I exactly remember the pics of him with the shortest hair, haha!

    And Neve strolling around is beyond words... and the dress... so lovely!

    You are a genius photographer... so very well Julia!

    Hugs for you my friend

  2. Julia these are such beautiful photographs. I envy your eye so much. I feel like time runs away from me everyday and that I am losing my way somewhat with this project now. You on the other hand have such a stunning record of delight.

    So glad to see you had an amazing trip.

  3. What a blessing cousins are!!!!

  4. Rebekka and Rach: you are my cheerleaders and I don't think you have any idea how much your encouragement means to me. Thank you, you wonderful people.

  5. beautiful beautiful photos! I love the sunset lighting and composition on the boat, and all of the portraits are just beautiful! Glad you were able to have such a lovely visit with family!

  6. What a precious time Julia. I agree with what the other ladies have said your photography is beautiful you have a real eye for details which for me being a details person I really appreciate!

  7. Anonymous09:50

    Oh Julia these photos are just stunning times a million!!!

    I have taken that boat :-) I got the overnight boat from Stockholm to Helsinki and then a few days later the boat from Helsinki to Tallin :-)


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