Return to The Garden.

The garden that surrounds Faffa and Fammo's summer house in Finland is a really special place for us all.  Living in Istanbul is a magical experience for the kids but it doesn't include a sense of the vastness of nature, or an experience of anything remotely wild. It means so much to me that every summer all our children get to be barefoot and free for a while. Last summer Neve was only four months old during our visit. I imagined that this year she would be starting to toddle, and would weave her unsteady way through the paths in the meadow.  In the glorious reality of this summer we sat and watched as she walked confident long circuits around what she quickly made her domain. We listened to her giggles while she played in the tent with her brothers, already becoming one of the gang. My pictures of the last few days are a celebration of all the fun Neve had in the garden this year. Tomorrow we are travelling by boat to Sweden and by Monday we will be back in Istanbul. As every year I am gulping fresh air while I can.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Neve in The Garden



Painted wood

Fammo made it!

Tree, field.

Watching swallows.

Falling cow.

I love this top!




Me and Neve looking





Helping hands





All eyes





12 thoughts on “Return to The Garden.

  1. Seriously Julia these are just stunning. You really should be making a living (or at least some pocket money given that you also have four children to care for) from this talent you have. You have such a great eye. First client here!!


  2. The light. Beautiful. Lucky kids!
    Can I ask what you're shooting with?
    A. xx

  3. Beautiful as always Julia! Slightly envious of your side of the world. Looks like a slice of heaven!

  4. Rach: You are on!! 20 quid. As soon as I can get there! THank you xxx

    Amber: I got a Canon 5D Mark ii for my 40th birthday (wooohooo!!). I had to buy the cheapest lens I could (50mm f1.8 prime) but it is still magic. Finland in the summer must be the best place to work in family photography. There are hours of mellow light on nice days. If only Neve could ignore it and go to sleep before 11 though! I think your photos are really special too and it's great to welcome someone else to the group. xxx

    Kylie: I am always green with envy at your life! Thank you. xxx

  5. Ahhhhhh, the mark 2 5D. Beautiful. I'm shooting on a 60D. I think your lens must still be pretty decent - the images are so crisp. I shoot 500mm prime (1.4)

    p.s. 11pm - ouch! x

  6. Beautiful photos, Julia. Sometimes the heart just has to roam free in the wild doesn't it? I'm so glad that you all had this opportunity to get away for a summer break. I imagine it was even more appreciated then usual after the difficult time of unrest in your city.

  7. It is truly beautiful there. looks like your kids loved it too! and I love all of the adorable outfits Neve has, so cute!

  8. Oh, all of your pictures are just wonderful. I know you hear it a lot, but I mean it! These are lovely.

    P.S. I make those exact dresses, so if you're in the market for more, let me know. ;)

  9. Great set of photos, it must have been lovely to shoot in this beautiful garden in the lovely light with your new camera. The contrast between Finland and Istanbul is quite extreme, how wonderful that you and your children get to spend time in both of these environments. All of these photos are gorgeous, but my favourite is the second last, so cute!

  10. Anonymous17:39

    Breathtaking pictures! And Neve looks gorgeous in the owl <3


  11. Amber k13:29

    Oh my Julia, you are really putting that new camera to good use! These are stunning! Even with the 1.8 they are so crisp and the colours are beautiful. Second last one is so cute! Well done Julia. X


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