That Finland Feeling



Break for freedom

Bendy legs


Big space joy

Relaxing Anton

W A Sculpture

It's ok

Concrete garden


20 hours of light

Small stones


Out walking


Walking girl

Ville and Matti

Big stick

Mattishim Pattishim

Mathias Istanbul


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4 thoughts on “That Finland Feeling

  1. beautiful Julia. Looks like you guys are having a lovely trip!

  2. Anonymous10:03

    Lovely!! You take such gorgeous photos of your adventures.

  3. Well, you know I've always loved your pictures Julia, but you just go from strength to strength each week. I especially love Neve's little face, tongue poking and she explores that big space on her own two little feet :) And her little dress is pretty cute too.
    The backlit picture of Anton is to die for (tres Rachael Nixon!). The light must be so pretty that far north at this time of year. Lucky you!

  4. So pleased to see the lovely time you have had in Finland. These are really gorgeous photos Julia. Like somebody else said you just go from strength to strength. When we get round to our afternoon tea maybe you can see if your camera likes my kids as much as yours.

    PS I am LOVING Neve's dress!


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