It's nearly two weeks since we returned from Finland and we have been busy sorting out our new apartment. Now that the walls have been painted (thanks Ville!) and the windows perfectly reveal the view of boats on the Bosphorus (ummm thanks again to Ville!) I have had the chance to look through some of the pictures I took in Finland. I wanted to find pictures of Neve just before she became the independent speed walker she turned into during our weeks away. The days where she still needed a hand to hold and her siblings stepped up. I also chose some pictures of a day at the beach with Ville's brother's family and some of my favourite memories of Turku, Kimito and the boat journey through the Archipelago to Sweden.

I have only taken a couple of pictures of our new place, one of them of a little bowl from Finland, but I have been walking around noting (gleefully) the shifts of light through its windows. Whether we live here one year or five I know that we will treasure this time and that I will love capturing frames of it, but for the moment I just want to watch the shadows and imagine. Though we have mainly been pre-occupied with organising, Ruskin and I did have a great day on the rooftops of Istanbul where James Bond rode his motorbike at the beginning of 'Skyfall'. We bought some fake Ray-bans and I took some moody shots of Fox, Ruskin Fox!

Human chain.

Detail from a mural in Turku.



Chopping wood.

Faffa telling the story of the stick.

Neve and 'Baby Florence'


Kuppis Park


Calm corner

Neve in wheat field.

Wheat field.

Cousin T


Magic wand

Beach times


Yellow scarf


Sandy toes


Watching water


A little bit of Finland (Marimekko bowl)

Ruskin on the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar

Workshop, Grand Bazaar

Fox, Ruskin Fox


Botanical Gardens, Istanbul University

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3 thoughts on “Shift

  1. Love these pictures! You always capture so many great moments. I especially love the basketball picture.

  2. um WOW - your photos are always so magical and gentle and fascinating! such a rich series of images. so excited for Neve!!! go go go huh?! and cant wait to see more of your new place. this week im most enchanted by the sea side shots. seeing them in b&w makes them even more striking. well done Julia!!


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