This week I spent some happy hours photographing plants and a girl with eyes like passionflowers...

Water plants, drop of sun.

Eyes like passionflowers.


Nature written.

Hothouse flower.

Water plants in sunlight.



Carnivorous plants.




Fly-eating plant.

Pond, fronds, girl.

Plant life.





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11 thoughts on “Botanics

  1. Anonymous11:42

    literally wow

  2. Love all the details!

  3. Week after week you continue to awe and inspire me. How do you do it?!? ;-)

    Your perspective on the plants is so unique! And, don't think I haven't noticed that Offbeat Families has started using your photos for their articles too, not just their reader photo series. I think it is time for you to start charging people for your photos (like stock photography or something).

    Julia, you seriously an amazing photographer. I hope you realize this!!

  4. Blimey Faith, you absolutely lifted me. Thank you so much. I find it so hard to manage the gap between what I want to do and what I achieve (and hardly being known for over-confidence anyway!). I admire you so much and it means such a lot that you have the generosity of spirit to write just what I need to hear. Thank you.

  5. Julia, these are just beautiful. Oh how I would love to spend a couple of hours with you and for you to fill me with inspiration. Another completely stunning set of pictures.

  6. Rach I am so impatient to photograph your little saplings. Wish you lived closer.

    1. Argh I thought I replied to this earlier, but clearly didn't submit!

      I wish that too, not just for the photography, but because I find you so inspirational that I often think about how lovely it would be to have a play date or a natter over a cuppa :-)

  7. Anonymous14:28

    Julia, these are ALL breathtaking! Not a dodgy one amongst them. Simply stunning. It's hard to pick a favourite but I'm gonna go with the last one simply because it looks to me like a really tricky place to make 'photogenic', yet you managed to do so by getting your model in just the right spot. Amazing.

  8. These are *amazing* - the crisp detail and attention to texture and light. The *texture* - who knew things could look fuzzy and transparent and underwater and sticky all in black and white? That first photo is just... well I seriously would have it hanging in my house. Along with several others from this collection. You've outdone yourself this week.

  9. Thank you so very very much Erin. I put all progress down to the company I am keeping at DD. It's great what just the right amount of pressure (and enough praise) can do. I am so grateful I found you all.

  10. Anonymous23:28

    Oh how beautiful...Where is this garden?


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