Ville's parents are in Istanbul at the moment and stayed with us over the weekend. I love how much the three of them talk, and how deeply. The atmosphere feels unclogged by this fast free flow of ideas, which makes me realise (again) how stale this tiredness makes me. I am literally, as the saying goes, 'not on the same page' as Ville right now: I am not reading the same books or newspapers or following (even the little that I can!) his trains of thought.

When we are out walking I like it when Ville and his mother walk ahead so that they can speak Swedish and chatter even faster. It is great for the children to be surrounded by more people, for there to be a fresh infusion of energy. Matti has so much to say so additional audience are always welcome! Parenting alone, without family in the same country, feels a heavy responsibility for Ville and I sometimes. They get their attitude to life largely from us, and I so want to throw off any weariness and make life a merry dance. Anton's adoration of all his grandparents is a complete joy to me and I want to make the most of it, despite the distances. And yesterday, thanks to the extra entertainers, I had my first afternoon nap in a very, very long time and woke to watch the heavy bobbing quince outside the window.

Matti and Anton.


The quince outside the window.

Telling Faffa.

Lost in talk.

Ideas flow free.

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3 thoughts on “Talk

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Wonderful angles and light and just a great capture of your day.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful photos. xo I love the lemon (?) tree through the window, and the last two best. :-)

  3. I love every photo in this post. They give a real boost to your thoughtful words.


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