Relaxing in Kadiköy (Mother Style!).

Yesterday I got toothache at the perfect moment. Not that it is ever the right moment for toothache but at this moment we were just the right side of pay day (and for the first time since I arrived in Turkey the money is not already gone) and Ville's Mum and Dad were in Istanbul and able to look after the children. The other great thing is that Sophie's husband is a dentist in a very glossy surgery in Kadiköy (one of my favourite areas of Istanbul) and speaks great English. The stars aligned! When I lay down on the dentist's chair I had such an overwhelming sense of pleasure at being instructed to stay still. I think this particular pleasure at doctors and dentists is the privilege of new mothers and the homeless. The pink water could have been a cocktail for my delight in someone carefully handing it to me.

Anton had a great time trying out the new Metro from Kadiköy, and once I was done and Ville had arrived from work at the other side of the Bosphorus, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of this fantastic area. Happily this included dinner at Çiya Sofrası. I always intend to blog about the food but every time I demolish it before I remember to take photos! Oh well, I will keep trying. At the end of the meal Ville's Mum ushered everyone out so I could enjoy my tea all by myself. Bliss.

Then, boats to Heybeliada not being that regular, we put in some time watching boats on the Bosphorus before it was our turn to join the glowing vapur on the darkening water and make our way home.

Anton and Faffa discussing the Metro.


Watching boats.

Boats come.

Boats go.

Haydarpaşa Garı.

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4 thoughts on “Relaxing in Kadiköy (Mother Style!).

  1. Your life sounds so romantic, you even make a trip to the dentist sound like a great day out :) And getting to go home on the boats, I'm a little bit jealous.

  2. Ooh! I've been too busy to look at blogs for a week and how I've missed you so! Sorry to hear about your tooth but awesome that the universe aligned and it all worked out. Love the ship photos! Your life experiences just look amazing.

  3. There is a first time for everything! i never expected anybody to write with such bliss about a dentist appointment!I am glad that even toothache can come at the right moment. Wonder full!

  4. Thank you to ville s mum for giving you the chance to have tea in peace. Little mercies can turn into something really precious!


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