Yesterday we travelled back to Heybeliada. All credit to the kiddos that a taxi, two planes, a coach, two boats and a ride in a horse and cart (fayton) passed without incident, and even included some laughter. The worst bit about a journey is facing me now (literally) in the two big suitcases to unpack and laundry to get through. And why is the apartment no cleaner than I left it? But there is serious excitement in the air: Ruskin is coming home today!

Anton at Riga airport.

Matti boarding the plane to Istanbul.

On board.

Are we there yet?

On the boat from Bostancı.

Nearly home.

Me reflected in the flag on the front of the boat home.

Matti and Anton on the fayton home.

I thought I would also post this picture Ville took of the reality of flying with little ones. Much as its lovely to feed one while another is asleep on your knee, its fantastic to have Ville to pass at least one to when they wake up!

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One thoughts on “Transition

  1. wow that is a serious travel leg, well done to you all for surviving it so well!! :) what a great adventure - that pic of you with both kiddos on the plane - super mama!! :)


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