Licking Peaches

It is so hot. Yesterday we went to buy another fan so that Ruskin could sleep better, and found a huge plastic clothes washing bowl that is perfect for cooling Anton down. Its great to have something to offer him when the heat gets too much at home.

Anton and Neve cooling down.

Communal bathing.

We are busy making preparations for my brother, and then my sister's family, to stay with us over the next few weeks. I am completely frustrated by how basic our home is, I would so love to offer them a little luxury, though I know there is so much to offer them outside these walls. We managed to get a mattress from neighbours, and being us and having the excuse of the heat, it is still on the balcony to bounce on.

Enjoying the mattress on the balcony.

Too darn hot.

The first day that I had all four kids (though Ruskin cannot really be called that any more) together we headed straight to Asaf Plaj, 5 minutes walk from our home. As soon as we arrive I understand, yet again, what a brilliant idea it was of Ville's to live on Heybeliada. While life for so many in this city at the moment is all about enduring the heat (especially hard for those currently fasting), we get to have hours of relief in the water. Well when I say we, I get a few minutes here and there, in-between hiding Neve from the sun, but its great to see the others comfortable enough to laugh.  The adoration of the children by the people at the beach was welcome that day, and all the children enjoyed their interactions with locals. A woman gave Anton a perfect peach and he sat licking it for a long time before biting through. 'It's like Neve' he told me, and he would know, spending plenty of time licking her cheeks and feet! Its the first time I have seen some of the locals that use this beach since I was here last year pregnant, and Neve's feet got lots of reverential kisses. When Anton wanted to fill bottles from the sea to pour back in, over and over again, there were ready volunteers to assist him.

While I paced in the trees above the beach, hung with lights and hammocks, to get Neve to sleep, it was such a pleasure to watch the three boys interacting from a distance. The last couple of days an almost indiscernible change has happened in Matti's communication in English: it has become good enough that it allows him to show his personality, rather than just make his point. Having seen him doing his utmost to speak Swedish to his cousin in Finland only three days before, I feel a lot of excitement in where this complex set-up is taking the children. Last night Anton fell asleep telling me that 'kanka' means friend (before waking up an hour later to scream about his itching skin!).

Before we left the beach Matti asked me for the meaning of Neve's name and I told him that it means heaven or sparkling. 'What sparkling mean, Julia?' he asked. It was the perfect moment for such a question as the sun was starting to descend and I was able to point out the shimmering water in explanation. 'Yes, its a good name for Neve' he said.  It could describe any one of them, at least when they are not wilting in the heat.

Bathing beauty.


Kisses for Neve.

Asaf Plaj.

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4 thoughts on “Licking Peaches

  1. It must be so hard to stay cool in the very hot weather. Glad you were able to spend some time cooling down in the water. Gorgeous photos especially by the seaside. Love how much attention the kids get from the locals.

  2. Lovely photos. I especially love the one of your two bathing beauties. :-). They are so cute! We are having a terrible time with the heat where we live as well. I'm glad that you have the beach. It looks so beautiful!

  3. PS: I had to giggle at Anton saying the peach was like Neve. I was guessing that he meant her sweet fuzzy head. She looks to have the same amount of hair as my little "Blossom." I love the meaning of her name by the way.

  4. I adore the photos of the little ones bathing side by side- impossibly cute!


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