The Most Beautiful Floor in the World.

Painted wooden floors are already my favourite, and this floor has a very particular beauty. It was last painted in the mid-1980s and as it is the floor in the kitchen of the house Ville grew up in, some of the marks must have been made by him. I love the way light falls on the worn surface and that our children are adding to the marks made by their father and his family. It also has the beauty of something that is about to be lost, as in a few weeks it will be repainted. So as I will never see the floor in this state again, I decided to document it.

Painted wooden floor

Light patterns on painted wooden floor

More light patterns on painted wooden floor

Neve on blanket on painted wooden floor

Neve rolling towards Anton

Matti and his Tintin book

Anton's plane on the floor

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5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Floor in the World.

  1. Simply beautiful photos and what a great memory to document. To be able to share this part of history with your family as well. Love the light in each of the photos and your cute little one laying on the floor in the light. Gorgeous.

  2. It's lovely...almost made me cry...silly really but it's a lovely thing...I know how you feel about the importance of your partners’ history particularly after you have children. I love taking my children to Lyme Regis where Ed went on all his summer holidays as a child (and his Mum when she was a child). I love looking at them at the water’s edge knowing they are in exactly the same place as their Daddy was when he was toddling about.

  3. oh this is stunning and a great idea - i loooove those gorgeous floors! the shot of your little bub lying there so peacefully on the floor is soooo beautiful!

  4. Suzy22:43

    Fresh new paint to make new marks as a family xxx

  5. The most beautiful photos of the most beautiful floors. The details and the textures in our lives are so emotionally potent. So glad you preserved this memory.


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