We traveled by train most of the day today, so I sat opposite Anton taking pictures of him while Neve snoozed in her ErgoBaby. He was so sleepy by the time we had done all the short changes, but determined not to miss a moment on his beloved trains. And here is Neve getting a chance for a wriggle before bed-time.

Anton sleepy on the train.

Hanging on to wakefulness,

Just back. Neve dazed and sleepy.

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3 thoughts on “366/2

  1. My goodness but your little girl is *gorgeous!* Those eyes! I'm glad your son enjoyed his trains, and I hope he was able to get some rest, as well.

  2. Aw, you have really lovely little people to adventure with! How much fun they must be.

  3. Really, really cute little ones! A train ride seems like a great way to spend the day :)


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