Documenting Delight 366

Well I promised myself I would write this post in advance, have practiced using my camera (having read the manual cover to cover) and have at least the first week of photos smugly ready to go. But of course I am writing this just before midnight having done none of it. Today is the day I am going to start my 366 'Documenting Delight' project, and I am determined to at least begin on time. From today, for 366 days I will take a picture of Neve (3 months) and Anton (nearly 3) every day. I can hear a groan, yes there are far too many photos of my children on facebook! I am sorry but I just cannot help myself, so I am determined to get better at capturing them.

For most of the people doing the project today is the halfway mark, so I have been able to see their work and be inspired. As far as I know this project was begun by a woman called Georgia and you can see her gorgeous website by clicking here. One of the reasons I decided to do this was that when I have found being a parent in Turkey difficult, and forgotten just to revel in my glorious kids, looking at her work reminded me that not a lot mattered but their giggles. I want to document spontaneous delight so that I remember to allow plenty of it to happen.

At the moment I am in the UK, in the tiny cathedral city of Wells with some of my large family. Georgia wrote that you should only photograph what 'makes your heart sing' and here is what made my heart sing today:

Stefan helping Anton.


ErgoBaby heaven.

I will do it myself.

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5 thoughts on “Documenting Delight 366

  1. What a lovely beginning! Welcome to our group!! I look forward to seeing your delight this year.

  2. Welcome to the project Julia!
    What absolutely beautiful pictures. I especially like the one of your baby in the sling, and the light and shadow in the last one is gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!

  3. what an awesome start to your project. Little Neve is just gorgeous. And love the one of Antons little hands wrapped up in love, strength and safety of yours

  4. Welcome to the project! Your photos are awesome! Can't wait to follow your slice of life!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I really don't feel like photography at the moment. Well...apart from my breakfasts! It's the rain, it feels like it will never stop!


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