Rain, rain, drizzle, rain. Nothing exciting going on today except Neve's determination and Anton's questions.

Anton asking.

Determined Neve.

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3 thoughts on “366/3

  1. Gosh I miss you and the children. I have completely come to depend on you all for my happiness!

  2. Your children are so beautiful... days where nothing special happens are my "close-up days"... then I like to take pics from the beautiful faces... like you did! I love them!

  3. I think the "nothing" days are some of the most challenging and rewarding days. It's so much easier to be like "oh we went to the beach! or the library! or even the grocery store!" but the days when you just bum around, you really do have to focus on what the kids do that brings you joy. Your babies are gorgeous! (Your little girl is giving me baby fever, and my baby isn't even one yet!)


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