There have been many outstanding moments over the past few weeks: a Monday morning in the park with Neve, a trip to Santal Power Station that included ice-cream AND lollipops, a walk on Galata Bridge at dusk, watching Anton write all our names for the first time, the pleasure of recording Matti's beauty while he rested on Ville, the joy of having a non-stop dancer in the house, and a weekend in Konya. In Konya, while Ville was at a conference, Anton led Neve and I around the city with his map held proudly in front of him. We visited Rumi's grave and a museum that glowed with beautiful Selçuk tiles, walked through the village of Sille, and ate dinner in a revolving restaurant on the 40th floor looking down over a blue Konya. But my favourite moment of all was watching the glow on the little ones faces as they watched Charlie and Lola with Ville's arms around them.

Monday in the park with Neve.

Little One

Her new red coat

Gülhane Park

Lunch with Başak and Florence

Lollipops after ice-cream


The Two

Power Station fun times!



Power Station

Strong daughter

I see you!


The Bridge


Love in a blue time

Rejected offering

Galata Bridge at dusk

Fishing supplies

Sweets for sale, Karaköy Fish Market

Anton writing my name


Pleased with himself :-)

Beautiful boy

Our little dancer

Lost in music!

Those eyes

A boy and his map

Cake break, Konya

Look at that!



Room service

My favourite moment

Roses in the garden round Rumi's grave

My very own whirling dervish

Tile museum

Under the glass

Sille at dusk.

Looking down on Konya.

Blue Konya

Konya from the 40th floor.

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4 thoughts on “Outstanding.

  1. Oh my gosh- stunning photographs as ever, can't even pick a favourite. Your children are so lucky to have such a beautiful document of their childhoods.

  2. Hi julia maddie introduced me to your blog. photographic angles makes up a beautiful sketch. Will be following araasp from now on! Warm regards from SA, Lizal Janse van Rensburg

  3. There so much to love here. As always, everything is so crisp and textural. I love that about your photography. And your composition in even the most simple shots is great - and that's what makes them great AND simple at the same time. Talent oozing from these. (And Neve's coat is so lovely too!)

  4. The comment monster ate my last comment, so here is an abridged version:
    Neve at the little window, the view through the ramparts, the birds wheeling in the sky, the mosque lit up at night, Anton writing and dancing..... these are a few of my favourite things :)


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