The Fog

This week we had a visit from Ville's lovely Finnish uncle and (he will accept this!!) even lovelier partner. Unsurprisingly the daughter they brought with them, and her partner, turned out to be excellent people too. It's a reassuring thing to see, as you get older, that plenty of love in a household does tend to result in good people. Their visit coincided with Ibtissam's visit to see Justin Bieber in concert. Kids I need to tell you this little tale about your Dad (though I am sure that you, like I, will never actually doubt his kindness and brilliance). Ibtissam, our friend and an asylum seeker from Morocco has a pretty serious Bieber fixation.  She was walking with us on the Island last month telling us about his visit to Istanbul and Ville told her we would buy her a ticket the next day. I was just so proud that he didn't hesitate, that he knew that what she needed most was a day off from being a have not. Our Finnish relatives were fantastic with Ibtissam and it was great watching everyone peel off their socks to dip their toes in the Marmara Sea. I also enjoyed helping Ibtissam get ready for the big night, a bit of a foretaste of pleasures to come, though I have to admit to hoping that Neve has more interesting taste in music!

Saturday had been one of those big days on the horizon for several weeks. Matti was playing in a piano concert and I was becoming godparent to my Hungarian/ German friends' new daughter in Karaköy at 5. We got everyone on to the 10.45 vapur wearing ironed clothes (one of the three or four days a year!). Just before 12 the boat turned back to the Island of Kinalıada because of heavy fog (which had already caused an accident) and there it sat. Matti didn't make it to play and at 3 with the fog looking like tendrils of smoke I began to doubt whether we were getting to the baptism either. At 4.30, with our boat to the city showing no signs of departure we jumped over to the other waiting boat, bound for home. We got there an hour later looking a little creased and weary, but, to the kid's credit, six hours sat on a stationary boat was not too bad at all. Happily today Matti had another concert and Anton and I were able to watch him, and Anton said he felt 'very proud'!

So my photos this week are of a trip to Miniatürk, Anton determinedly cleaning our windows, a Moroccan and a Finn in deep conversation, Matti on the Friday night trip to the 'orange house' and a very foggy day.

On the bridge at Miniatürk.

Under the bridge at Miniatürk.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Little hand print

At Heybeliada Harbour.

Matti on the Friday night boat home.

Matti on the Friday night boat home.

The fog.

Anton playing on the vapur stairs.

Matti, Anton and Neve during our 5 hour wait on the vapur.

Stretching my legs at Kiniliada while waiting for the fog to retreat.

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7 thoughts on “The Fog

  1. Anonymous15:33

    Your photos by the water always take me to another place they are truly mesmerizing.

  2. love the photos by the harbor, so enchanting!

  3. You are such a beautiful mama. I love the picture of Matti holding Neve. She has the prettiest blue eyes. I am not too keen on Bieber, but I have to admit - the kid has got some pipes on him!!

  4. Oh no! So you missed the baptism? That's bad luck :(
    But it sounds like you all had a pleasant day anyway - the children look perfectly happy, and very smart too in their ironed clothes!
    I love the ethereal quality of the pictures you took of Anton through the window, and the one of the boys staring into the fog. But if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the one of Matti on the boat where he is framed by a window (?) with the shining sea beyond. Gorgeous!

  5. goodness Julia, your photos and stories transport me to another world!! looooved the beiber story - how gorgeous :) and the one singing by the pier is just sooooo cute. what a beautiful and cosmopolitan family :)

  6. All great photos, I particularly like the ones looking through the glass!!

    LOVE the Beiber story, so heartwarming!!

  7. Julia I have been somewhat absent from my blog so was very pleased to be getting to see one of your lovely posts today.

    Firstly what a wonderful man you have, although I think we all knew that anyway.

    I love how you made a disasterous day sound and look so fabulous. I would have been curled up crying in a corner somewhere. Ha ha! That is the true documenting of delight!

    Looking forward to more lovely posts.


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