Things to Do With Kids in Istanbul: Atölye5

Most of the things I do in Istanbul with my kids definitely fall into the 'challenging but rewarding' category, so it has been great to find something to do together that is easy, and Anton can't get enough of. Atölye5 is a place for workshops for kids of all ages, and adults too. Every Monday and Thursday there is a playgroup that gives us a morning of happy, relaxed creativity. I love that Pinar is great at igniting sparks of curiosity and fostering an atmosphere of creativity that is also easy.going. I would really recommend a visit even if you are only in Istanbul for a few weeks because it gives you the chance to just hang out with your kids effortlessly as they will be delighted with the playhouse full of toys, the indoor hammock and the climbing wall. This Monday we made Lava Lamps using oil, water, food colouring and Alka Seltzer. It made me so happy to see Anton completely delighted with something he had made. The location, on Bağdat Caddesi close to the Bostancı Iskelesi, is perfect too because it is easy to get to from the European side using the sea-bus from Kabataş. And afterwards it takes five minutes to get to the Bostanci shore, perfect for letting kids loose with bikes or roller-skates. Atölye5 has a Facebook page where you can find workshop information in English too.

Anton in Atölye5

Neve in Atölye5


Relaxing Atölye5 style

Anton and Neve in the garden at Atölye5

Making lava lamps with Pınar

Intense concentration!


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One thoughts on “Things to Do With Kids in Istanbul: Atölye5

  1. That playgroup sounds amazing! I love living out in the country, but at times I am so so jealous of all the fun things to do with kids in a city! Beautiful pictures too, I love the one of them together sitting next to each other :)


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