After a long night....

It was one of those nights when I stumbled into the living room with a restless Neve to find Ville having got up (very) early to work. So we watched the (many) hours pass together taking turns to pace with our littlest before she vomited all over the floor and finally went to sleep, an hour and a half before we had to face the day. This morning I was so grateful for the clean morning light and Neve's smiles, far too wide for the tummy-ache to be even a memory.

I am finding the Documenting Delight project so difficult at the moment. Take this morning with its light and shadows, shining with potential if you don't have to keep one hand hovering near a baby! Teething Neve is in her Ergo so much when we are out and when we are home the cheap beige lino seems determined to make its presence felt in every picture. And imagine if you could just occasionally tell them 'just stay there in that patch of light'! It would just be so great to actually attempt to do something to the best of my ability without the distractions, but then those distractions are also the glorious, wonderful point of it all.


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3 thoughts on “After a long night....

  1. You take beautiful photos, especially for someone struggling with the project! I know exactly what you mean when you say you wish you could just tell them to stay in the one spot for the photo!

    Hope Neve isn't sick anymore, and recovered quickly, and that you all got some sleep!

  2. That sounds like a rough night, which always makes for a rough day. I regularly have difficulty with my project too as have most of the people in the group. Sometimes you just hit a wall and feel like you are just repeating yourself, but push through it and just keep going, you will have a day where it all just comes together and it will make it all seem like a worthwhile endeavor. It looks like you've done a great job of containing them in a beautiful patch of light in these photos. I love the one of Neve checking out her shadow against the wall.

  3. Clea13:33

    I love the two bubs in the bath together! Beautiful photos.


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