Museums of Istanbul: Rahmi M Koç Müzesi

On his last day before the start of school we asked Matti what he would like to do and the answer that came back was no great surprise as its been fairly consistent over the last few years. The Rahmi M Koç Müzesi is a world class museum and we all love it. Before I arrived in Istanbul Ville and Matti spent nearly every Saturday walking its halls until closing time. Such was Matti's excitement that Ville often did not sit down in the six or seven hours they were there. Then it became my Saturday too, and now there are five of us enjoying this great place. It just has everything you need for a good day out with children. There is a submarine, a plane, and trains and trams to 'drive'. There is a fantastic area for maths education that includes a machine with which you can encase yourself in a bubble. There are buttons to press, the flying car from Harry Potter, a train ride and boat trips (buy tickets at the entrance, currently 3 TL for an adult) and BABY CHANGING FACILITIES. Yes, you heard me, one of the three (reasonably cheap, easy to install and space efficient pull down tables) in this whole city is in this museum. I am exaggerating, but not enough.

It is easy to stay here all day because there are several places to get reasonably priced (3 TL for a good sized sandwich) snacks and drinks. There are also some very nice (and very expensive) places to eat. The toilet facilities are sparkling and fragrant (in the right way!) This museum is absolutely perfect for people who love transport and engines but there is actually plenty to compensate if you don't. I love the models of the vapur jetties of Istanbul. I love watching the newly-weds who come (a new pair every hour) with their photographers to use the museum as a backdrop for their photos, with super-shiny clothes and hair that wouldn't move in an earthquake (yeah I know I shouldn't joke). I love that the museum was featured in the first ever edition of Turkish Vogue with the red London bus photo-shopped blue. I especially love sitting drinking tea on the most beautiful vapur in the city, Fenerbahçe, while soaking up views of the Golden Horn. My sister Hellen and I once managed several minutes of this bliss while our boys caught their breath, but there are plans for whole hours spent this way when the boys can gape at traction engines without supervision (oh happy day!).  And if you need to persuade a teenager to visit there is a real story  about explosives hidden in the submarine and a (thankfully failed) plan to blow up a group of students worthy of a spy thriller that might help.

Tickets please.

Hasköy to Sütlüce.

Hello Matti.

Going past.

The Golden Horn.

Matti and Neve on Liman 2.

Ville, Matti and Neve.

On the Golden Horn.

Liman 2.


The Fenerbahçe.

A helping hand.

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3 thoughts on “Museums of Istanbul: Rahmi M Koç Müzesi

  1. what a seriously cool museum and fun day!!! love seeing these gorgeous family outings, such a fascinating place to live!

  2. Anonymous14:28

    Wow that sounds like a splended way to spend the day. And wonderful photos to document the day.

  3. There are some super lovely shots in there, particularly love the one looking through the window (3rd down) and the one with the steam (9th down). And your stories are always so enticing, they carry me away.


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