Today my eldest son Ruskin got behind the camera. Is anybody else taking their pictures while baby-wearing? I end up doing it a lot because Neve is only four months old, but it is becoming something of a struggle. She used to be so contained within her ErgoBaby and now she grabs for everything near her and is frustrated by me bending or putting my arms out over her head. It makes it hard to spend time getting pictures right. Today I wore Neve round the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. In the morning I joked to Ville that with the day I had planned I would be a total failure if I didn't get some pictures I liked. But that is exactly what happened. So I am cheating today and using Ruskin's pictures.

A note to Neve: If you ever come across this (wow, the thought of you old enough to read this makes me giddy!) I discovered that your first tooth had come through while walking you to sleep round the courtyard of the Blue Mosque today. I felt delighted by this physical advancement and delayed your sleep with kisses.

Neve in the Hagia Sophia

Julia, Chris, Anton and Neve in the Hagia Sophia.

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5 thoughts on “Domes

  1. No matter you didn´t take the pic... it´s lovely anyway! I have the same problems... Lina is not very happy about my attempts of taking a good pic! But... unfortunately my son is not old enough to do this for me!
    By the way: it´s incredibly fascinating you are living in such a gorgeous city! I´m really jealous... I´m living in a lovely but little and unspectacular town ;-)

  2. Ruskin did a good job! It was fun to see you in the pictures. Yes, I have had similar experiences trying to take pictures with the baby in the Ergo. Ha, ha. It's quite the challenge. Yay for first teeth!

  3. These are such beautiful images. The light is absolutely lovely. Love the stripes too!

  4. Anonymous04:33

    That always happens to me, I get a great picture on a boring day and then on an interesting one I end up with nothing good! I actually really like these photos! Talented boy :-)

  5. Wonderful photos! It's great when you can get someone to step in as the chief photographer for the day. I love the light in these photos.


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