I was trying to document delight on the journey from Istanbul to the Finnish countryside. It took us a boat, two planes, two buses, a taxi and a car ride to get here, but thankfully very few tears. Looking at these pictures I see that the delight is mine: I love being in transit and I want the children to enjoy it so that we can always travel with ease. I am also frustrated. I am at the beginning of learning to use a camera and it shows. My lens has been broken since my Dad loaned it to me (indefinitely, thank you Dad!) and I can't remove the dirty lens protector. Faffa (colloquial Swedish for grandfather) is going to try and use some brute force on it later, But the way the children look at Ville melts me every time, and I will get better....

Vapur journey with Ville, Matti, Anton and Neve.

Anton at Ataturk airport.

Neve relaxing on the first plane.

Neve's toes

Waiting for the plane from Riga to Helsinki

These feet are made for walking.

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One thoughts on “Transit

  1. These photo's are beautiful Julia!! I don't know what you're talking about. And you have captured some truly beautiful moments, you will always treasure these photo's. I love love the photo of your man and the babes. So sweet. Gosh you are game, travelling with three on buses and planes and taxi's!! I would so love to travel with mine but we haven't been able to save enough yet. You've inspired me to keep trying!


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