Cooke Kids in Wells 2012

Me and the little kiddos spent the last few days in Wells in Somerset. I have loved this tiny city since I made regular visits when I was at university in Bath when Ruskin was a little nipper. He actually took some of his first steps in the Cathedral Chapter house. For the last few years Wells has been home to my sister's growing family (they have 4 boys now) and so I have had good reason for regular visits. Hellen gathers as many Cooke Kids as can make it to a relaxing weekend party every summer, and this year she timed it for my visit. So I got to see the newly wedded Andreas and Martha, and Stefan's boyfriend Jake. And my Mum was a total heroine (as ever) travelling down by train to pick up three of Hellen's boys on Thursday and dropping them back on Monday, so that Hellen could relax a little at least. Hellen and I managed to have Anton and Sonny 5 weeks apart and then our next babies Pepi and Neve 12 weeks apart, so you could say we are quite close! Here are a few pictures of Wells and my siblings:


Seen from Portway.

Anton running with cars.

VW arriving with wedding party.

I love you Hellen.

Jake's card for his niece.

My beautiful little brother.

Laughing Anton

My gorgeous bro Andreas.

Stefan and Jake

Pepi and Neve


Wells Cathedral

The Chapterhouse

Wells Cathedral

Scissor Arches


Me and Neve in her ErgoBaby


Nap Time

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