First Swim of the Year

Today we all (its lovely to be able to say that) went to Asaf Plaj for our first swim of the year. Really trip to the beach is more accurate, because Ville and I are still working up to coping with swimwear (Ville kindly gained weight with me during my last pregnancy). Its definitely suiting me to be behind the camera. So Ruskin and Matti swam, Anton played with cars and Neve snoozed. This is by no means the poshest beach on Heybeliada, but it does have a good view of them, and we love its charm. There isn't actually any beach but it does have hammocks in the woods and a man who spends all day cutting potatoes, so we can have chips. Last year we came here nearly every day for a couple of months, so it was good to be back. And its only five minutes from home.

Anton getting sunscreened.
Last year he was still screaming every time we put on sunscreen. He's really growing up.

Anton and his bucket.
Anton and his bucket.

Anton in Marks and Spencer swimwear from Grandma.
Playing ball with Ruskin.

Neve in Polarn O' Pyret swimwear from Fammo.
Neve snoozing on Papa's comfortable belly.

Neve in Polarn O' Pyret sun hat.
Neve in her great sun hat.

Beautiful Matti.

Matti playing with leaves.
Lost in thought.

Anton, Neve and Papa.
If Neve is on Ville's lap Anton wants to be there too.

Neve all kitted out in Polarn O'Pyret.
Just watching the sun on the water.

Ruskin sunbathing.
Just amazed at how fast Ruskin is changing.

Ruskin and Anton.
I was actually nervous about telling Ruskin I was pregnant, seems so silly now.

Ruskin sunbathing.
The light was gorgeous.

Ville, Ruskin, Matti, Anton and Neve.
The whole brood.

Ruskin on the jetty.
Ruskin with the Asian side of Istanbul in the background.

Anton playing with cars.
Wherever we go he always ends up playing with cars.

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