I Heart Istanbul

Istanbul and I have had our ups and downs (mostly to do with too many ups in the days when I still had to push Anton) but right now I am smitten. This is due in no small part with the relish with which Anton consumes his days. Both of us love days that include boats and trains and games of hide and seek in exotic locations. Over the last three days I have chased him around Haydarpaşa Station and down Dolmabahçe Caddesi. I have watched him dawdle down Istiklal Street with his adored friend Florence, eating an ice-cream, and then submitting to the man delivering tea determined to clean him up. We have played hide and seek amongst Sufi graves in the grounds of the Mevlevi Museum and taken sudden breaks to draw. Last night we watched the sunset reflected on Neve's face during the vapur journey home and this morning we ran in bright sunshine in Bostancı and spent some happy hours showing Ville Atölye5. For Anton there are no obstacles, just new opportunities for delight, and I am right behind him (trying to keep up!).

Running through Haydarpaşa Station

Running down Dolmabahçe Caddesi

Anton and Florence on Istiklal Street

Anton gets cleaned up by a man delivering tea.


Contemplation and the cat.

Small graves, excellent knitwear.

It's a triangle!

Hide and seek.

Anton, Neve and Florence in the grounds of the Galata Mevlevi Lodge

Anton in his new Puf Pembe cardigan

Happy face.

At Matti's school.

At Kabataş

On the vapur


Anton, Matti and Ville at Atölye5

Our Neve

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9 thoughts on “I Heart Istanbul

  1. I love the adventurous spirit of you and Anton. Love Anton just moseying along with the crowd on the street, getting his face wiped, and then plopped down beside the cat. My favorite is the man wiping his face, I keep going back to that one because of the man's smile, you can tell he delighted in doing this for Anton and it was a real gesture of caring. It's an awesome photo, says so much about our need as humans for connection with each other. Love the feeling you captured in this series!

  2. Wow Julia, I love stopping in to see what you, Anton and Neve are up too. Your days look amazing. There are so many wonderful shots this week. Love the angles you have caught and the light. I especially love the one of Anton hugging the gravestone, you can see delight written all over his face.

  3. Beautiful pictures today, Julia. I especially like the perspective you chose for picture #2. Very nice!

  4. I always love your pictures! They are so distinct and different and beautiful. So glad you share them with us!!

  5. Anton looks like such a content little adventurer. The first shot is wonderful, in fact I really like that you take the time to capture silhouettes, which can be quite fiddly. Like Lisa said I love the perspective of shot 2. It gives you a real sense of how big the world is to our little ones. But my fav shot would have to be the one of Anton getting his face wiped by the older gentleman. Hilarious!

  6. What can I say: simply gorgeous! I love Anton and the fat cat, haha! I want Anton´s jumper for Max. Anton´s face being wiped from the man is hilarious. Neve´s face in the sunlight... too beautiful. Ville adoring Neve is so lovingly...

    you see... I adore your family and of course they all captured by your talent!

    Hugs and kisses

  7. Julia you have such a great way with words. Sounds like such an interesting place to be. I've never been out of Australia so can only imagine the great adventure living overseas would be.

  8. Lovely photos of you guys out and about in Istanbul!

  9. I totally love these pictures. Amazing use of light and angles and just gorgeous children. You allow me to see an entirely different world outside of Australia.


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