Messing Around on Boats

We are back on Heybeliada at the moment for what looks like being our last few months before we move to the heart of the City. Knowing living here will soon come to an end we are living with a deliciously heightened  awareness of all that is wonderful about this place. It's a chance to document life here so I can show the children the particular joys their early days contained. When I think of what I will miss the first thing that always comes to mind is the boats. We have taken boats at least four times a week for the last four years. Majestic vapurs, zippy motors and everything in-between  The best of this experience includes the chance to read and drink tea in solitude and the magic of getting onto a boat and realising you are surrounded by friends. I took the pictures below during the 30 minute trip from Bostancı (on the Asian side of Istanbul). The sense of community I feel with these wonderful Islanders who draw giggles from our little ones with such happy ease is priceless.

Anton and Arzu


A gaggle of friends

Flower gift

6, 7, 8, 9, 10....

Ready or not....

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5 thoughts on “Messing Around on Boats

  1. This looks so great fun... we had a boat trip last summer too (but only once) and Max loved it. He was so excited by the water around and the motor noises that we definitely do this this summer more often!

    The black and white pics of Anton are too beautiful! ... and I nearly hear Neve´s giggles with her little tongue out... sweetiepie!

    Hugs and kisses

  2. Oh what fun! What a beautiful way to live your day - we should all live with a deliciously heightened awareness of all that is wonderful every day! Thank you for penning such a perfect sentence. The last picture is absolutely stunning! Enjoy the rest of your time before the move!

  3. I love being out on the water in a boat as well. Sounds like a lovely way to travel. I hope the next few weeks will be filled with all of your favorite (favourite) things! (I'm always afraid that my British and Australian friends will think that we Americans don't know how to spell. HA, HA. My Mum is British and I lived there as a little girl, so I cringe every time I write our American version of things. ;-) )
    PS: I sent you a little note via FB, but it said that it would put it in your "other" folder rather than your inbox. ;-) Hope you can find it!

  4. How lucky are your children to be so obviously adored by so many? I hope you manage to find a similar caring community/fan club when you move. And I'm sure plenty of opportunities to board a ferry and cross the Bosphorus will present themselves too.
    Great pictures as usual. Especially that last one of Anton. Stunning.

  5. I love that you are soaking up your time here and appreciating all the good times you have had before moving on.
    The concept of getting around via boat is very foreign to me, but when you talk about sitting down, drinking tea etc I like what I hear!
    Its so lovely that fellow travellers stop to talk to the kids. That isn't always the case in Australia sadly.

    Lovely photos this week, especially those close ups of Anton :)


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