Sun and Snow

Yesterday I took some friends of ours to the wonderful Koç Technical Museum in Hasköy on the Golden Horn. The circumstances of these friends do not usually allow for museum visits and it was a privilege to see them soaking up the experience. The snow had continued to fall so when we braved the cold to see the outdoor exhibits we had the pleasure of being ankle deep in untrodden snow. To warm up we did one of my favourite things in the city and went for tea on the MS Fenerbahçe, a beautiful vapur that rests in the museum. For an hour and a half our little group sat in an island of peace, forgetting all concerns, drowsy from hot drinks and winter sun.

Sebil Cafe, Kabataş

Train and tram hall at Koç Technical Museum

Istanbul's London Bus

Anton feeling snow, Haliç

Anton in the snow at Koç 'Car' Museum.

Icicles on the Hasköy train

Looking out over the Golden Horn

Friends playing cars.

Everyday theatre.

The view from Fenerbaçe

Thankful for this island of peace.

Sunlit smile.

Neve playing on the floor of the most beautiful vapur in town.

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12 thoughts on “Sun and Snow

  1. Sounds like a lovely day!

  2. Well, I just went through trying to find a couple of past posts to comment on them, but I couldn't find the ones I was looking for. Just wanted to let you know that I do look through your blog as often as I can, Julia, and I really enjoy keeping up with you and your life there. It is fascinating to me how similar in some ways our lives are, and yet so very different in other ways. I love seeing the common threads of love and motherhood and taking delight in our children. I was trying to find the post where you said you and Ville went out alone without Neve, and I thought it was so neat b/c that was the first week Nathan & I managed a date night without little Blossom as well. :-)
    I just wanted you to know that even when I can't post a response I'm lurking at some point keeping up with you all. ;-) Most of the time I am scrolling through on the ipad as "Blossom" will let me when she's nursing or when I'm sitting next to her as she falls asleep, but when I type on the ipad it clicks and she doesn't like that! Ha, ha. So I wait to post comments when I'm on the big computer. The only problem with that is that time gets away from me and I don't manage it very often! Hope your new year is off to a positive start! -Lisa

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. Neve and 'Blossom' being so nearly identical in age I really relate to being able to read but not write! She seems to nurse all the time at the moment so I can do scrolling and clicks but little else. I just feel in awe of you Lisa (I was actually talking to Ville about this today!)because your children are so fantastic and the level of care you give them is so high. A while ago I read some of your daughter's writing and was so moved by her depth. Today we went on our second since Neve date which was such a boost. I hope you and Nathan are managing to get out from time to time. We were only away for two hours but just being able to hold hands without kids and bags to keep hold of is wonderful. I am feeling that life here is giving me so much and that currently at least that outweighs how hard I find it at times. I am also having a phase of life post-pushchair because Anton now walks everywhere and Neve can still be worn for several hours. So I am conquering the pavements! I also like that the children are meeting such a variety of people. I am also very happy that the project and this blog has given me a community of like minded parents to inspire me when attitudes here differ from my instincts. Thanks so much for that. It's going to be good seeing each other through the next year. Julia.

  4. I love the lighting in your photos, just so beautiful.

  5. Such beautiful photos! I love the framing and lighting of the second photo, very mysterious!

  6. That second shot is really cool!

  7. what an amazing day - the cold is so hard to comprehend right now! and what beautiful kindness to share the day w your little friends!! im sure they loved it :)

  8. Love that second photo!
    Well, i´m in Portugal, and just rain and cols but no snow....
    Looks like you all have a great day outside!

  9. I love how you were able to get such lovely light even though it must be challenging this time of year! I hope that your friends had a lovely day - it was good of you to share with them.

  10. Anonymous07:06

    I love these photos Julia, I love the shadow play in many of them. I notice a lot of your photos feature an interplay of shadow, of light and dark... I'm sure you could psychoanalyse that til the cows come home :-P but I really like it, they have this atmosphere that is really compelling :-)

  11. Thanks so much for all the love you lovely people. Really appreciated.

  12. I don't know the situation with your friends but it does sound like you are extending a welcoming hand to them and giving them reason to smile. It really shows in your photos.

    I love the last set of photos of Anton and his friend. Your photos have this gorgeous darkness to them but at the same time you get these stunning glimpses of light and laughter. The contrast is so effective.

    Thanks for sharing this special post. xx


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