Little Olive-Eyed Snowman

I have really struggled to keep smiling through Neve being ill and teething the last few days, so it was wonderful to wake up this morning and realise that the amount of bright light in the room could only mean a proper blanket of snow. Ever since that particular light meant sledging and snowmen and possible days off school, it has been a great mood lifter. Of course England gets little snow and Istanbul even less so it is a real treat to see familiar places transformed. Just in case it didn't last long, and determined that Anton would get to make a snowman, we set off for the park early. In appropriate Turkish style our snowman was given olives for eyes. Anton was so happy to get to do some of the things we read about together and the snow is still falling so there is hope that there is more fun in the snow to come.

Snow around Istanbul cobbles

Catching snow

Daddy putting the hat on our snowman

Our snowman!

Cars getting stuck in snowdrifts!

Lovely light.

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4 thoughts on “Little Olive-Eyed Snowman

  1. Oh snow, that looks like so much fun! I don't quite understand what the pattern is in the first photo, but it looks so cool! The snowman is, of course, brilliant (love his little pasta bow tie), but the photo of Anton catching snow in his fury hoodie, is just beautiful. I wish I was there!!!

  2. Wow- perfect photo opportunities- looks heavenly-enjoy!

  3. This snowman is so sweet... indeed... the pasta bow tie is too much, haha!
    Seems like Anton loves the Disney Cars... Max knows and is collecting every single one and is totally crazy for them... oh these two would love playing together!

  4. It's hard to imagine how cold it must be where you are when it was 35 degrees Celsius today in my hometown. Beautiful pictures, so lovely to look at and I stayed a while because it's so darn hot here in Australia. Blogging and daydreaming in one :)
    Bella @ sea and salt xx


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