Neve has been ill for a few days but looked so much better this afternoon that we decided to get some fresh air at Ihlamur Kasrı. I am getting a bit embarrassed that there are so many pictures of this place here but we all just love it so much. I decided to have my first attempt at photographing flowers and it was lovely to have a subject that stays reasonably still!

Roses in Ihlamur Kasrı, Istanbul

Rose in Ihlamur Kasrı, Istanbul

Neve and the rose

Pink rose, January sky


Neve reaching for the rose

Anton and Matti

Neve at nine and a half months

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6 thoughts on “Roses

  1. I really live that second rose portrait (plus it was my favourite rise growing up until I moved to a house with all the old style flopsy ones). Your images are art.... Oh and that last pic of Neve! Wow, stunning, and how beautiful are her eyes!

  2. So glad she is better... the pics are adorable... Neve and the roses... such a perfect match!

  3. Amazing pictures.. your pictures are definitely works of art. Neve is a beautiful little girl. And as to taking photos in the same place all the time - well - when it's such a beautiful place, what does it matter? I don't drive (and am often too lazy to catch buses to find interesting places) so my photos are often just of my neighbourhood. We all do what we do and your photos are wonderful :)

  4. I'm glad she's feeling better, too! Getting out of the house after being trapped with a sick bubba is always such a refreshing feeling. I should switch to flowers too ;) Easier to hit the non-moving target, but your pictures of Neve are beautiful, as always.

  5. Awww, beautiful flower photos! And that bottom photo is even more beautiful than all those flowers! Hope Neve is feeling better today. x

  6. She is so beautiful, I hope she feels well soon! The flowers are stunning, the second one with the single flower is my favorite!


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