On and Above Bankalar Caddesi

Soon after I arrived in Istanbul, Ville had a press conference in one of the spectacular bank buildings on Bankalar Caddesi. This street which has all the former bank headquarters on it was built like a row of stone safes in order to inspire a sense of security in bank customers. I felt for a moment that I could be skipping after the banker Dad in Mary Poppins! Today, we were lucky enough to view this street from a roof top terrace. Looking down we could see similar terraces with their green bushes on top of the bank buildings. In one direction was Galata Tower and in the other the historic peninsula. When we got down to the street itself, we found that there was filming taking place, and in a complete bonus for Anton the particular scene involved lots of vintage cars.

View towards Galata Tower from Istanbul roof top

Galata Tower, Ville, Neve and Anton

Look Dad!

Julia, Ville, Anton and Neve on an Istanbul roof

Filming on Bankalar Caddesi

Filming on Bankalar Caddesi

Anton, Ville and Neve

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5 thoughts on “On and Above Bankalar Caddesi

  1. Beautiful photos (as usual) and I love that last one of your guys watching the filming. So cool that you got to see it!

  2. Very neat that you stumbled across that, and great winter shots.

  3. Love the family snapshot... Ville with Neve is so cute and the way you are with Anton is so lovely... you are beautiful Julia!

  4. I love all of the pictures, but the second picture is my absolute fav!!!

  5. You never know what you'll find in Istanbul! We actually hung out on Banklar Cad. this weekend and I'm working on a photo post and blog about it now. Cheers! :-)


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