Pazar in Turkish means both market and Sunday (market day) and is from where we have the word bazaar in English. My delight this weekend was found in a trip to the market and in a  glimpse of the soon to be taken down Christmas decorations at St. Antoine's seen through the door, and a game with the tube from the cling-film!


Beşiktaş Pazar

Oranges on display at Beşiktaş Pazar

St. Antoine Cathedral, Italian mass

Daylight and artificial light reflected on the floor of Beşiktaş Pazar.

Neve through the cling-film tube

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7 thoughts on “Pazar

  1. Ohhhh Julia, such lovely photo's! And I love how you always have such cool bits of information and facts that you share. And your writing is always so lovely!

  2. In love with light in your photos!
    Maybe one day i´ll visit Turkey, not so far from me.... :)

  3. ( Although a bit late) Happy New Year!!!! With lots of your great photos and even more delight in our families!!! It's nice to find you again, and your wonderful family, your lovely photos and your exceptional blog!!!
    Your tube-game had a wonderful outcome. :)

  4. Oh, those tomatoes and orange slices have my mouth watering! Lovely photos!

  5. You are obviously an ace photographer!

  6. Just found your blog via the Facebook group. Love your photography and looking forward to more of your posts. :)

  7. Gorgeous photos and post, lovely to find your blog :) and greetings from Ozlem's Turkish Table : )


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