If I Could Freeze a Moment...

Family Forsman


Bird from Urartu?

Nevil and Anton


Anton and Matti

Neve and Julia

Winter leaves

Winter sun

Little daughter

OG Matti

The little ones

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3 thoughts on “If I Could Freeze a Moment...

  1. These are excellent! I love how unposed they are.

  2. goodness some super sweet moments captured here. I've been having days like that where I just want time to stand still, such a precious time with the kids. I love that photo of you and Neve, the light on your hair is amazing. Yes I have hair envy again!

  3. Adorable... I would know your pics under tons of photographys... you have one special style and I love it!

    Definitely... Anton smiling at Neve and Neve cuddling with mama are my favorites! Great!


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