I Know I Can Count On You

Today, like on so many other occasions, me and the little ones found a perfect oasis of calm in Ihlamur Kasrı park. Of course this is its sparsest season, bare trees exposing the high rises beyond the fences, but it is always beautiful. This is also the season when the cafe moves inside the pavilion so for 2tl for tea you can while away an hour or two in a small palace watching peacocks and falling leaves in the park below. Or, of course, you can turn the carpet into a road network!

Today I am exuding the calm of a person who knows how the bills will be paid way into the future. Yesterday Ville got a proper contract for the job that was our salvation when we were desperate for a break. Throughout all of this mighty battle to hold all of us together Ville has just kept finding a way. I am proud to bursting. Now he has landed a job in this city that allows him to continue work in human rights while bringing in the silly amount of money needed to do the best for our blended brood. And for the cherry on the top Oxford University have asked him to come and speak and so I will get to cuddle my siblings and Anton can finally go on the Gatwick monorail with his much missed Grandma.

I hope Ville, who is on his way home from Sweden, will not mind me sharing this news but I really wanted to update the people we have counted on, and those who have helped so much by just reading our posts and making us feel much less alone. Thank you.

leafy road

tea time

play pavilion

carpet track


what neve sees



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8 thoughts on “I Know I Can Count On You

  1. This sounds really great news... nevertheless I do not exactly understand why you all are living there, where you all are actually from or why you are moving away some day!?
    It´s a bit distracting for me in comparison to our very, very simple lives, haha!

    Maybe we have time for a little chat some day to talk about you! I would be so very interested in hearing your stories! Only if you want to share!?

    Hug you all

  2. My heart is singing with that news!

  3. Congratulations on the great news, probably such a relief for the whole family! Beautiful photos, I would love to be somewhere with any green for just a few moments, it is so cold here right now.

  4. Thanks Mum, me too. Rebekka we are here because Ville has an 8 year old son from his previous marriage who lives with us Thursday to Sunday. We imagine we will leave when he is 16 or so and ready for that change. It has sometimes been very difficult to keep this situation together because I also have a 16 year old who needed to be properly considered and this is not such an easy country to make your way in, but we are still going strong...lots of love to you.

  5. Oh and Rebekka I am from the UK and Ville from Finland!

  6. Oh yay congrats Julia and Ville, that is so fantastic, I am so happy for you. Your situation sounds so tough and I'm so impressed at you for making the best of it you can - you must be so wonderfully committed to each other :-)

    Love the shots today, that cafe looks so moody, and the detail shots are fantastic :-)

  7. What wonderful news for your family! Perfect timing too, just before Christmas. Your photos today reflect your contentment. Just look at that smile you got from Anton! So beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. xxx


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