Hey Baby, Over Here!

Today I was in Sultanahmet, it was raining steadily and Anton and Neve really needed a stretch before heading home. The Blue Mosque with its acres of clean bouncy carpets was the ideal venue. Despite hundreds of experiences to the contrary I always have a moment when I am taking the kids somewhere like this of imagining us alone in the hushed atmosphere, a little island of three just soaking up the beauty. We had barely made it in the door before a group of Japanese tourists asked me to hold Neve next to each of them in turn for a photo. We are in the Blue Mosque people! I decided to count the groups that asked for photos during our hour long stay: it was 12. The great thing is that, for the moment at least, I am fine with it. Now that I am baby-wearing and pushing a pushchair for hours every day I am quite happy to hand over Neve as long as I can see her. Yes, I do think it's a shame that whatever unbelievable attraction we are in people are completely distracted by my blonde, blue-eyed babies, but it is also just lovely to see what pleasure people get from looking at the kids. Living here they are greeted by smiles wherever they go and I have often thought what a gift this must be for their self-esteem. I am so gladdened by Anton's journey from shy to gregarious. He has gone from hiding to working the crowds! But what made me happiest of all was that in a moment of quiet Anton lay on the floor and when I asked him what he was doing told me 'looking at the beautiful ceiling'. I don't want Anton and Neve to miss out on the chance to be quietly entranced in the great places of this city.


working it!

....long after we are gone.....

blue mosque

entranced by the ceiling

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6 thoughts on “Hey Baby, Over Here!

  1. Oh my, what a beautiful ceiling indeed. What a lovely description of your search for solitude! I can relate to tourists. In the spring and summer our small town is flooded with cruise ship passengers. I can't tell you how often my dog has been photographed by tourists. He is unique but the totem poles are surely much more impressive!

  2. I love your storytelling! So funny that they wanted your blonde babies for some snapshots... but it´s totally clear... they are indeed adorable...
    When I read your stories about Istanbul and it´s beauty I wish I could visit and witness everything with you! I´m sure this would be awesome because you know it so well!
    Lucky hubby... he is going to Istanbul the next year... unfortunately without me/us!
    btw: Are you living there forever or are you moving somewhere else too? Because when you stay there for a while I´m going to visit you someday!
    Hugs to you my friend

  3. I think we will be here 8 more years, so you have plenty of time to plan your trip! You must come and let me be your guide.

  4. It's always lovely to hear that you get your kids out and about all over the city! Turks LUV babies here! In fact, I've been with girlfriends at restaurants in Istanbul where the servers just take the babies and walk around with them while we eat and converse. That would never happen in America!

  5. Thanks Joy, it is definitely a bonus of living here!

  6. My daughter was plagued for years by comments usually ending with, "but it's a shame she doesn't have your blue eyes!" At the age of 9 on a bus in the North of England a woman stared at us the entire journey. When getting off the bus, she approached and apologised, "I'm sorry for staring, it's just that I couldn't take my eyes off your daughter. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen". My beautiful brown-eyed daughter has walked taller since that day.


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