As I wrote yesterday I am struggling a bit with getting about in Istanbul with the children. The problem is that I don't want to hide at home either because I love exploring this city as much as I resent how hard it is for parents with children to move about easily here. Weekends are wonderful because Ville wears Neve, pushes Anton and answers all of Matti's questions, and I get to admire them all with my hands free. I adore watching the man I love with our children. Starting December also means that Ruskin will soon be home for Christmas.

Julia and Neve on Istiklal Street

Ville, Neve, Anton and Matti on Istiklal Street

Ville and Neve outside the German School

Anton with the glass bottle Christmas tree

What Anton chose from the Christmas fair

Sleepy Neve

Matti watching installation art at SALT Beyoğlu

Anton at SALT Beyoğlu

A rainy day on Istiklal Street

Ville and Neve

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3 thoughts on “December

  1. Stunning photos, what an adventure you are having! I am a sucker for baby-wearing daddies!

  2. Four is better than two, not just when it comes to sweets or glasses of wine, but specially when it comes to manage a family, as this is proven once again on your trips out. I am so happy that there are two of you complimenting each other and guiding these lovely children of yours through childhood!

  3. Love those sleepy Neve eyes :)


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