Advent Wreath

This is Anton's first year of that deliciously painful anticipation lucky children have of Christmas. He remembers last year well (no snow) but thanks to Peppa Pig and Charlie and Lola is waiting for snowflakes to herald the arrival of Father Christmas. Helping children mark the passing of advent days has become a huge industry but the tradition I like best is the weekly lighting, (one, two, three, four, CHRISTMAS!!) of candles on an advent wreath. My Dad always makes a good one. Living in a country where those of us celebrating Christmas are a very small minority these traditions are also reminders of memories shared with people faraway. I was really happy when a friend told me that the Austrian Church in Karaköy were making wreaths for charity, and today we went to pick ours up. Because it was a beautiful day we decided to take the wreath on a short tour of the city and so, like Amelie's Gnome, it had the chance to be snapped in various famous locations! When we finally got it home the scent of cinnamon and oranges reminded us that it was high time we started mulling wine. So we did.

Julia and Neve on Galipdede Caddesi Julia and Neve on Galipdede Caddesi
Galata Tower
Our Advent Wreath
Our Advent Wreath in Beltur by the Bosphorus
Our Advent Wreath and the Historic Peninsula
Anton kicking leaves on Dolmabahçe Caddesi
December on Dolmabahçe Caddesi

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7 thoughts on “Advent Wreath

  1. I haven't heard of that tradition, but gosh I like the sound of it. Such a loving thing to do. And those photo of you and Neve are beautiful. ps I want you hair!

  2. This is so exiting. It really lifted me to see that you carry on this lovely tradition. We had Iris round today and we read a Adventstory and lit the first candle and miles and miles and oceans away you do the same- I only still have to stock up on the mulled wine!We also where skipping through the beautyfull crisp and noisy leafes today, just like Anton.Where ever we are, we are on our pilgrim journey together.....

  3. I love how you show us so much about your lives and your surrounds with your photos. Must be difficult when not many celebrate Christmas but glad there are opportunities for you to celebrate. I love the photos and story behind the wreath. Thank you for sharing you adventures.

  4. We were lightening the first candle today too. I love doing this together with my babies. All the years I didn´t have (but wished) children I was looking forward to the christmas time!

    Your pics are cute... you with Neve... awww <3
    Anton running and sitting in the leaves is beyond sweetness!
    ... and your wreath is beautiful! Love the traditional green one! We have a very modern one this year...

  5. What a beautiful tradition Julia. So simple, yet so special.
    I adore the photo of Anton sitting on the side of the road. He looks like he is having a moment of deep reflection. So beautiful.

  6. Lovely photos as always! Do you know if the wreaths are still being sold? Or was that part of the German Lisesi Festival this past weekend?

  7. Thank you, I was just admiring your pazar pictures this morning! I think that the Austrian Church just had one day of making wreaths to order so that they could be blessed at mass and collected just after. I wish I could tell you a place to go to buy one of them because I am delighted with ours! It smells so good too, though there is mulled wine on the hob waiting to be warmed later so that might help!! I went to the German Lisesi but came away with very little because it was so crowded. Everyone was desperate to get in the 'Good stuff from Germany!' rooms. I saw a few people come away with real (pork) treasures.


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