The School Run.

To get to Matti's school from Heybeliada you take a vapur, a funicular, a metro train and then walk a short distance in a district famed for its fabrics. This all makes Anton a very happy boy (well apart the fabrics, he couldn't care less about those!).

Vapur arriving at Heybeliada.

Anton through Neve's teething toy.

There you are!

Watching metro trains at Taksim station.

Mirror in Bomonti.

Following a cruise ship to the mouth of the Bosphorus on the journey home.

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2 thoughts on “The School Run.

  1. I love the excitement in his face in the fourth photo. And the photo of him with the mirror is so precious.

  2. love those first two shots running down from each other. very clever. and the delight on Anton's face as he watches the train is just gorgeous.


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