The Bridge of Locked Hearts

Every day we spent in Ljubljana, as the sun began to set, Ville and I sat and had a beer next to Butchers' Bridge sitting so we could watch Anton and Matti playing on it. This new bridge has been designed so that bikes have to zig-zag carefully to get onto it and it has become a great place to stand about and look down the river, or play with cars. Actually Anton abandoned his cars for a while in order to move the padlocks that hang on the steel wire railings from one end to another. This was how we noticed that they all have names or initials written or engraved on them. Couples who have locked their hearts together have come (as they have in Paris, Pećs and Florence amongst other places) to hang a symbol of their commitment. Sitting watching two of the the manifestations of our locked hearts laughing, while we nuzzled the other, I sort of wished we had a padlock for the purpose. When we return I will bring one from the 'everything shop' on the Island, engraved in Karaköy, and watch the children run it along the wire in the lessening gap.

Anton playing with padlocks on Butchers' Bridge, Ljubljana.

Matti playing on Butchers' Bridge.

Symbols of locked together hearts.

Anton and Matti on Butchers' Bridge, Ljubljana.

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3 thoughts on “The Bridge of Locked Hearts

  1. Awww... this wire with the padlocks looks romantic... love Anton´s smile and obvious happiness in the last picture!

  2. Oh I love this! I'd never heard of a bridge of locked hearts before. What a neat idea!
    I also love Anton's sweet smile and Look! His hair is growing back! Yay! :-)

  3. I love the padlock bridges. I've seen others and always think they are so beautiful. The sunlight and smile in that last photo are beautiful too :)


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