İyi Bayramlar

We arrived back to an Istanbul in the midst of Kurban Bayram (Festival of Sacrifice) celebrations. The temporary petting zoo on Heybeliada had gone and the crowds had descended. Our flat post holiday feeling was completely lifted by the presence of our Slovenian friends. Bojan had a gig in a club in Beyoğlu and so Ville, Nataša, I and four children joined the battle to move along İstiklal Street and went to watch the rehearsal. Live music filling the room, too much beer (I have been breastfeeding for three years so this is no impressive amount!), great company, happy kids and some old farts in a corner whining about the inappropriateness of their presence: near perfection. We would also like to say İyi Bayramlar to anyone celebrating that we haven't had chance to greet in person.

Neve watching Bojan play the violin.

Bojan and his daughter.

Beautiful friend.

Musicians at The Beatles.

Beer and Cars.

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3 thoughts on “İyi Bayramlar

  1. Wonderful photos. I love reading your blog.

  2. I love it! There is nothing like bringing a few kids to a pub to shake things up a bit! ;)
    I really do love the one of the cars placed all over the pub table. It is always a wise move to bring toys along to things like this :)

  3. Clea12:44

    Beer and toy cars. Every mans dream.


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