Hello. In 2008 I fell in love with Ville, a Swedish-speaking Finn with a son in Turkey. I was living in the Yorkshire Dales with my 12 year old son. To be the soft solution to the complicated question of how to be together as a family, I moved from England to Istanbul in 2010. We now live on the Island of Heybeliada, a boat ride from Istanbul, and have added a son and a daughter to the mix. I am approaching 39, and thanks largely to the kiddos (and a certain lack of ability!), am learning Turkish at snail's pace. So I am here just needing a place where I can share the little things. Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Hello Julia,

    It's me, Ping, we met in York about ten years ago and I added you on FB last year. In a rather dramatic turn of events I am moving to Istanbul next week and if ever you want to meet up for a coffee or tea it would be great to see you again. By the way, nice blog!
    Hope you and your family are happy and well, hope to speak to you soon, my email is


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