Pattern Power!

A bit of our week.....

Dragging his feet to kindergarten.


Tall wall, small girl.

So still.


Feeling her way into the big wide world.

Sufi Graveyard.

Galata Mevlevihanesi Müzesi

On Galip Dede.

From Konak.

Red bridge.

Anton and Neve!

Gülhane Park.

I can see shapes.

Outside the Science Museum.

Following lines.

Very cool seats in the Science Museum.

Swing swing, bring bring, Anton to me.

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5 thoughts on “Pattern Power!

  1. gorgeous lighting and clarity in your photos Julia (as usual). You have such an amazing eye for setting up shots, I'm so so in love with your photos! What editing software do you use?

  2. Thanks so much Whitney. Your work (and blog) goes from strength to strength. You'll be running an empire (while feeding your chickens!) by the time you are my age.

    I am using Lightroom 4.4 for nearly all my editing. xxxx

  3. Your ability to capture texture without having the picture become overwhelming is fantastic. I continue to be awed by your talent for black and white shots. Also, the one you titled "Heaven" is just so soft and lovely. (How big she has gotten! But she's a baby, right?)

  4. I think we definitely both still have babies :-)

  5. You have BEAUTIFUL babies Julia!... and how you captured them is simply gorgeous!

    Just wanted to let you know that I´m always visiting your blog and love seeing all your kids! ... and admiring your photography!

    Hugs my lovely friend


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