Grand Day

Yesterday I had a chance to do another photography walk with Monica Fritz and I had a fantastic time. I have been wanting to see the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar since I arrived (or maybe since James Bond was chased across them!) and having a guide who knows the maze of tiny streets and stairways as well as Monica made it effortless enjoyment. The darkness of the corridors and stairwells that lead suddenly to the views from the rooftop make the experience breath-taking. From the final rooftop, which was covered in wild flowers and weeds, we had views up the Golden Horn and out across the Marmara Sea. I just wish I could capture the feeling of such a panorama, especially potent when the call to prayer begins to rise from the many mosques below.

Grand Bazaar 1

Grand Bazaar 2

Grand Bazaar 3

Grand Bazaar 4

Grand Bazaar 5

Grand Bazaar 6

Grand Bazaar 7

Grand Bazaar 8

Grand Bazaar 9

Grand Bazaar 10

Grand Bazaar 11

Grand Bazaar 12

Grand Bazaar 13

Grand Bazaar 14

Grand Bazaar 15

Grand Bazaar 16

Grand Bazaar 17

Grand Bazaar 18

Grand Bazaar 19

Grand Bazaar 20

Grand Bazaar 21

Grand Bazaar 22

Grand Bazaar 23

Grand Bazaar 24

Grand Bazaar 25

Grand Bazaar 26

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5 thoughts on “Grand Day

  1. Love your documentary style photographs, Julia. It's so interesting to see your city through your eyes. Looks like you had a great day!

  2. These pictures are JUST AMAZING!!!

  3. Thanks so much for taking a look Lisa and Hellen xxxx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures Julia. I'd like to have joined you on that photography walk.

  5. This is a great idea, Julia. I need to copy and go on a photography walk, sounds so relaxing. I love your street photography! I think my favorite of this set is the women in front of the colorful fabrics.


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