Karmic Knitwear

I love knitted kids clothes. I think it's a lot to do with the time it takes, and that knitting both allows the mind to wander into anticipation and requires the knitter to do nothing but knit, so the garments are created in a atmosphere of stillness. There are not many items in our wardrobes that I would like to imagine the making of, but the slow, steady, seated creation of the children's knitwear is the wonderful exception. Neve was given so many beautiful things by our Turkish neighbours, and I found it strangely wonderful that our most ferocious knitter just across the hall was so sure our anticipated baby was a girl (despite a scan saying otherwise) that she confidently embroidered flowers long before Neve made her femininity known to us.

A while ago I decided to do something more practical and positive about how it feels to be so surrounded by  poverty than just musing. One of the things we are able to do is sponsor a couple of students, and yesterday this small good thing smiled back at us in the nicest possible way when the mother of one of the students presented us with a big bag of knitting for the kids. Jumpers, cardigans, dresses and the most beautiful home made socks ever are now keeping our kids warm. Happy times.

Neve in knitwear.

Anton and Neve in new knitwear.

Anton's eyes

An abundance of knitwear

Grey cardigan, orange wall

Neve in knitwear

Grey cardigan, orange wall

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7 thoughts on “Karmic Knitwear

  1. Wow, what a wonderful gift!! I love photo #4. I agree with you about knitted clothes, so special. I went through a phase where I tried to teach myself....uh, it didn't go so well. I think I ended up with a couple of inches for a scarf, lol. BUT, I did learn enough to make knit "ribbons" and such for gift packages. I found a few that I had given my grandfather when cleaning out his house (one was tied around a lamp, another hanging from a mirror in a spare bedroom, etc). I guess they were special to him too :-)

  2. Thanks Faith, it must have been a beautiful discovery that your grandfather had treasured them. I had a (very short) phase of loving cross-stitch but on the whole life hasn't contained that much sitting still! I can remember my Mum darning socks when I was a kid but she is still dashing around till she sleeps and I can't really imagine her knitting. A few days ago I decided to give all the knitwear Neve and Anton had outgrown to a NGO for refugees but it was not without a pang (I am sometimes scared that if something happens to them I won't have their things to hold) but the thought of new babies snug and warm won out. So it was lovely when these things turned up yesterday and, as you can see, these things are going to fit for a looooong time! Thanks also for your wonderful message today, your words mean so much.

  3. Oh Julia what a gorgeous gift! I love it when people knit for my kids, but they rarely do and as much as I would love to learn to sew and knit I am hopeless at all things crafty. Can't even really bake cakes either.

    And another thing...look at Anton's beautiful eyes in that third picture and his arms around Neve so tightly on the fourth, bless him.


  4. Their new knits are gorgeous! I love hand knits also, and like faith, tried to learn how to knit but never got very far. I love the photos o f Neve on big brother's lap!

  5. These are so beautiful! I love hand knitted clothes, hats, socks. Those are the kinds of things you keep forever!!

  6. What a wonderful story and a beautiful gift! I would love to learn to knit for my little ones but I wouldn't know where to start. Adorable kids and lovely clothes!

  7. Anonymous08:15

    What a wonderful gift to you. I've always had a real love for knitted things. I love to crochet. Your kids are gorgeous!


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