Nickolas Muray at the Pera Museum

Yesterday an exhibition of Nickolas Muray's photography opened at the Pera Museum, perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon. We knew it would work well because Ville and I love photography and Matti loves Frida Kahlo and, thanks to Muray's adoration of the artist, about a third of the photographs in the exhibition are of her. Anton plays with his cars wherever we go so no worries there (although it has to be said he was so desperate to go in the lift and buy his Saturday chocolate that he looked mighty fed up towards the end!).The Pera Museum became a regular activity soon after I arrived in Istanbul despite it being a bit hopeless for small children because most things are (obviously) placed at adult eye level. As I have written before there is so much more to my museum visits than pleasing the little ones and the Pera, with it's fairly easy access (lifts once you get up the first staircase) and glamorous café, has played an important role in providing myself with cultural nourishment while having babies. It's reasonably small size works well for Matti, who cannot leave a museum without seeing each and every exhibit. He is off to Paris to visit the Louvre in a couple of weeks and we are trying to prepare him that he might not be able to see everything!

Matti and Nickolas

Ville, Neve, Matti and Nickolas

Anton driving some cars at the Pera Museum

Matti and Anton at the Pera Museum

Ville, Neve, Anton and Anton's cars at the Pera Museum

Anton waiting to go in the lift

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3 thoughts on “Nickolas Muray at the Pera Museum

  1. Love the pics of Ville carrying Neve... and the last of sitting Anton is so sweet!

  2. These are beautiful!!!
    I adore the one second from bottom the most. Great perspective!

  3. Love the b&w! Beautiful shots!!


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