My Children, there is so much I want to write here for you to find when your childhood becomes something in the past and of interest to you, but I am drawn too strongly to your present selves to give it much time. I just want to tell you all that there is nothing better in the world than having the four of you under one roof. Our unusual Christmases in a Muslim country, taking place on ordinary school days for Matti (though he was able to have two and a half days off this year), are given all the magic they need by the dynamics between you four individuals. I feel so victorious that we have all made it through another year together. I want to record a little about the FBC in case it is short-lived and you don't remember your days in this glorious team. The Forsman Basketball Club at the close of 2012 consists of Ruskin, Matti and Anton cheered on (admittedly unwittingly so far) by Neve. Ruskin is great at basketball and plays for the South Coast Tigers in the UK. Matti has just started lessons and may one day master dribbling. Anton can run in a reasonably straight line. Somehow Ruskin keeps practice sessions going for hours. Matti tries everything, fierce with determination, and Anton giddily runs where he is told. After each session of 'teamwork' the FBC place their hands together and shout their allegiance. Stay true to the cause team! What you have already gained from each other is priceless and I know there is so much yet to come.

On the vapur to Heybeliada an empty suitcase came in very useful.

On the vapur to Heybeliada an empty suitcase came in very useful.

Sizing you up

Anton on the vapur

Matti's new ball

Super fast



Team talk



Anton resting

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7 thoughts on “The FBC

  1. Julia... first of all I want to thank you for all your sweet and kind words you left on my posts! I loved reading them and they are so honest and heartfelt to me!
    You are a friend to me and I really love to follow your beautiful blog, pictures and stories about your gorgeous children! Theay are all so wonderful!

    I hope and wish to stay in touch with you... I will stay tuned my friend! Wish you and your loved ones a super new year... just the best for 2013!

    Hugs and kisses for Anton and Neve

  2. Julia, your words for your children are always so heartfelt. Anton and Neve are so lucky to have such a strong and loving mother. This blog is such an amazing record of all your moments of joy and the challenges you have faced in a new country. Thank you for sharing your vision for your children through your beautiful words and photos.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for all your support and kind comments on my blog. I know that with two little ones time is precious so it means a lot that you have taken the time to write such thoughtful comments.

    Here's to an amazing 2013 for your family! xxxxxxx

  3. This is adorable, Julia! I loved your description, and the photos.

    I also want to thank you for being such an encouraging and supportive force in my project, you left so many kind and heartfelt comments and it really meant a lot. I'm happy you're not done yet, so I can keep following you and the delightful moments you capture so well.

  4. Anonymous04:12

    How gorgeous is the photo of the two little conspirators in the toybox!

  5. I love the way your write for your Children. Keeping so many memories for them. I really love the basketball shots. Kind of like a scene out of movies.

  6. Julia I am so glad that via Georgia I got to discover your blog. You write so wonderfully and the photos are gorgeous. You have a beautiful family and I really admire how hard you and Ville must work to keep everything together and on track for them all. I find you truly inspirational.

  7. Thank you so much all you amazing women. Rebekka, Rach, Kylie, Clea, Nicole and Amber you are just brimming over with strength and heart. So glad to virtually know you!


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