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Yesterday was a great day because after months of dreaming about it, and weeks of planning, Ville and I finally went out on our own. Having no family in the same country definitely makes it harder to get time by ourselves and with Ville at work so much I was finding it all a bit unrelenting at times. I was just about to write that we hadn't been alone together since a few hours wandering around Ville's home town in Finland in July when I realised that Neve was actually with us that afternoon! I had resigned myself to not looking for anyone to help with the little ones when a few weeks ago a barista in Starbucks entertained a slightly grouchy Anton with a cup and some coffee beans. She chatted away to him in English and a week later she took him to lunch. It turned out that she had experience and qualifications in childcare and was missing working with kids. A one day a week plan was hatched in which I would get a couple of hours alone, hang out with the kids for a bit and feed Neve, and then go out with Ville when he got home.

So yesterday was the day and I had spent ages trying to work out how I could best use my time alone. So what did I do? Başak was making lunch and Anton was helping and then running to tell me what he had done and I sat on the floor with nothing in the world to do but watch my children. And there I stayed, happy and a bit too tired to move. I watched Anton and Neve playing with a small horse in a patch of light. Then Başak and Anton went to the park and Neve and I slept. Ville rang me just as I left the house to meet him and I just couldn't stop laughing. It was such a relief to step out without a baby and a pushchair to carry. We met in one of the bars close to Beşiktaş Fish Market  and just sat holding hands. We returned two hours later to two smiling kids and feeling very happy indeed.

just watching you two



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7 thoughts on “Just Watching

  1. Oh, Julia!!! That's great news, for you!!!
    Also, great photo, love the contrast of the light and (almost) darkness!

  2. Thank you Betty, wow it is lovely to get the chance to miss the kids!

  3. Julia, this sounds awesome! We have all our family near but unfortunately only my parents take the time to care for Max and Lina. Everybody else is not interested which makes me sad very often! Nevertheless we are going out rarely and take little time for just the two of us!
    But when we are out it is greatest fun and we enjoy being on our own... happily still in love!

  4. Rebekka it is obvious that you two are still in love, even from this distance!

  5. That sounds divine! I am so jealous. We don't have any family around, and haven't had any luck finding help. My parents were here for a visit in October, so Mark (my husband) and I went to a movie. That last time we did that was in July 2011!

    These pictures are so interesting with the contrast of the light and dark. I'm particularly drawn to the middle photo. That bright gust of light, the silhouettes and shadow of the horse look very ethereal with a sci-fi kind of feel.

  6. Gosh Faith that is a very long time ago!!! I guess it is one of the biggest problems with all this mobility we have. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  7. Aww that's fantastic! Good for you! I can't imagine not having my family around to back me up when I need help or space to take a breath. How brilliant that you have found a helping hand, bring on the date nights!! :)
    p.s. the photo of that horse made me catch my breath. Love.


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