Around Our Island

Today, because he spent a few days in Sweden last week, Ville was able to take a day off and the sun shone. It takes about an hour to walk right around Heybeliada but we had all afternoon to dawdle and take in the views. We saw one vehicle on our whole way round (only municipal vehicles are allowed) and five or six horse and carts. What a tonic are these so seldom days, snatched from routine, on which nothing needs to be achieved.

Anton on a slide, Heybeliada


Ville and Neve, Heybeliada

Anton, Heybeliada

Horses, Heybeliada

View from Heybeliada

Julia, Anton and a sign about the recent forest fire.

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4 thoughts on “Around Our Island

  1. I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy a lovely relaxing family day. The pictures are beautiful! I especially like the way you showed motion with Anton on the slide as well as the motion of the horses.

  2. Clea04:14

    Looks like a lovely day out in the sunshine exploring.

  3. I loved the photo of Ville wearing your little precious daughter!!

  4. The days when nothing needs to be achieved and we can just be are truly precious.


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